How to Use Buses

Information on how to use Keikyu Limousine Buses is available here.

About Times

Arrival times indicated on timetables are rough indications only. Arrival can be delayed depending on traffic conditions or for other reasons, so please choose buses to allow plenty of time to spare. Please note that even if a loss should be caused by a delay or other factor, the bus operating company cannot be held responsible for the loss.


Seats are to be assigned to passengers on a first-come, first-served basis, and no seat reservation is generally available. However, seat reservation is available for some routes.


Please prepare cash, tickets, or coupon tickets. 2,000-yen or larger bills cannot be used or changed in a bus.

Buy tickets at a bus stop where tickets are sold.

When boarding a bus at a bus stop where tickets are not sold, please pay the fare by putting cash into the fare collection box in the bus.

Boarding is not permitted when all seats are occupied.

Smoking is prohibited at bus stops and in buses.

In a Bus

Please wear your seat belt while riding the bus.

Use of mobile phones can be an annoyance to others. Please set the mobile phone to the silent mode and refrain from speaking on the mobile phone.

Free Wi-Fi is available on the bus. Connect your Wi-Fi capable devices such as notebook computer, smartphone, tablet, or portable game device. Please ensure that your use does not interfere with the comfort of other customers. Registration is required when using the service for the first time.


Please be considerate of other passengers when using such devices as a personal computer, video game player, or headphone stereo.

In the event of an emergency, please follow the direction of crew members.

About Luggage

Please take care to manage your own personal items. Especially be careful of your valuables, not to leave them unattended. When using the net rack, be sure to place your belongings securely, not to fall down.

Large pieces of luggage such as suitcases or golf bags that cannot be taken onto a bus can be stowed in the trunk under the floor.

Keikyu Bus or the bus operating company cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage that should be caused to luggage stowed in the trunk.

Please do not stow the following items in the trunk.

  • Cash, securities
  • Valuables such as precious metals, jewels, or art works
  • Precision equipment, fragile items such as glass products
  • Fresh product, chilled food, frozen food
  • Breakable items such as paper bags
  • Other breakable objects

The following items cannot be put in the trunk or taken onto the bus.

  • Explosive, combustible, or inflammable objects including gunpowder, fuels, or high-pressure gas
  • Hazardous materials such as drugs or poisons
  • Objects liable to endanger passengers, crew members, luggage, or vehicle facilities

If you take a pet (a small animal such as a dog or cat) onto a bus, be sure to put it in a carrying case. No separate fare is charged but you cannot use a separate seat for it. Please be considerate of other passengers when taking a pet with you.


Child fares are applicable to elementary school children.

No fare is charged for children under elementary school age. In the following cases, however, a child fare is applied.

  • In a case where a child under elementary school age uses a seat
  • In a case where a child under elementary school age boards a bus alone

Precautions and Notes While In a Bus

Do not move to another seat while riding. Doing so can cause falls and injury.

Please be quiet and gentle in the bus.

Smoking is prohibited in the bus.

Please be considerate of other passengers regarding eating and drinking. In particular, please refrain from strong smelling food and drink. Please do not leave your garbage on the bus; please take it home instead. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please be considerate of other passengers and refrain from any annoying conduct.