Let's visit TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN - Tokyo's new famous destination!

A world class view is not the only attraction here. The impressive TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN has so much to gaze at, eat, experience, and see that it will take more than just one day to enjoy everything. Use HANEDA AIRPORT EXPRESS for easy access from Haneda Airport.


Get to know TOKYO SKYTREE!

World's tallest tower at 634m

World's tallest tower at 634m

At a height of 634m, TOKYO SKYTREE has been recognized as the world's tallest tower by Guinness World Records Corporate. It was constructed as a TV tower that could supply a stable TV signal head and shoulders above the many tall buildings standing at over 200m in central Tokyo. The shape of the tower is particularly memorable. At its base is a triangular design that reduces the sense of oppression and the effects of shadows. Depending on the angle and the location, you can enjoy various features of the tower's circular design as it leads to the top.


  • TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN large complex facilityTOKYO SKYTREE TOWN large complex facility

    Centered around TOKYO SKYTREE is TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, a large complex facility featuring attractions such as an aquarium and planetarium, the shopping area of TOKYO Solamachi, and offices and restaurants in the TOKYO SKYTREE East Tower.

  • Smooth, extensive and comfortable travelSmooth, extensive and comfortable travel

    TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN is just under an hour away from Haneda Airport by HANEDA AIRPORT EXPRESS. With its spacious luggage area, you can travel in comfort.

    SiteClick here for airport bus information

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Let's go to the top of TOKYO SKYTREE

With a 360-degree grand panorama, this is one of the greatest views in the world

With a 360-degree grand panorama, this is one of the greatest views in the world

TOKYO SKYTREE has two viewing platforms. At 350m, the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck offers a 360-degree view of stunning scenery. In fine weather, the floating feeling gained from a view that stretches for about 70km is a unique feature of TOKYO SKYTREE. Up another 100m is TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria, a glass-sided, tube-like corridor at a height of 450m above ground. The highlight is surely the view of Tokyo from the sky. Don't miss this unique sight of Tokyo as seen from mid-air!

  • Head up the special pathway from the 4th floorHead up the special pathway from the 4th floor

    Admission tickets can be purchaed from the ticket counter on the 4th floor. There is huge demand, so please reserve a space while waiting in turn.

  • Viewing deck and many other attractionsViewing deck and many other attractions

    TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck is located 350m above ground and features cafés (on floors 340 and 350) and a restaurant (on floor 345). Here, you can enjoy a meal while gazing at the magnificent scenery. There are also many interesting exhibitions, featuring exhibits of interest such as folding screens depicting the landscape of Old Tokyo.

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A fascinating aquarium with uncompromising display standards

A fascinating aquarium with uncompromising display standards

With large numbers of fish from the World Heritage Site Ogasawara Islands swimming around, big fish such as sand tiger sharks and rays calmly swim about and colorful shoals of fish elegantly pass right in front of your eyes in the large water-tank. Adjacent is the incredibly popular booth with a zone for up-close observation of penguins and fur seals. Don't miss the particularly beautiful layouts of the 360-degree view natural water-tank and the special water-tank that provides a sensation of a sky/water environment. A laboratory with new display methods using simple explanations and views of the breeding staff working are increasingly popular.


  • Feel outer space in personFeel outer space in person

    A top-quality program making abundant use of the latest Konica Minolta sound and space technology. Experience the universe from a comfortable seat in Tokyo.

    SiteKonica Minolta planetarium "Tenku" in TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN®

  • Enjoy 312 different stores!Enjoy 312 different stores!

    TOKYO Solamachi has rows of high-end stores for fashion, dining and more. There is a complete line-up of shops to lift your spirits whenever you visit, from morning to night.

    SiteTOKYO Solamachi

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Check out the scenery of TOKYO SKYTREE!

Fine dining and a magnificent sky view

Fine dining and a magnificent sky view

LA SORA SEED is a restaurant on the 31st floor of East Yard, with a ceiling partly made of glass for a sweeping view of TOKYO SKYTREE. Taking care of the cooking is Masayuki Okuda, of Yamagata Prefecture's leading naturalist restaurant "Al Che-cciano" and the ap bank/kurkku "Food Relation Network" project. Plenty of ingredients sourced from domestic producers known personally are used to ensure refined high-dining.


  • Experience lying down at 634m!Experience lying down at 634m!

    The floor above the planetarium has a dome garden equipped with decking and a lawn so you can enjoy looking at TOKYO SKYTREE while lying down.

  • Tokyo's new landscapeTokyo's new landscape

    Different views of TOKYO SKYTREE at day and night, from both near and far, can be enjoyed while travelling on the Metropolitan Expressway on the bus from Haneda Airport to TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN.

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Non-stop access to Haneda Airport

The best way to travel to and from Haneda Airport

Non-stop access to Haneda Airport

HANEDA AIRPORT EXPRESS arrives and departs from the "TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN" bus terminal directly below TOKYO SKYTREE. The arrival point is in the middle of TOKYO Solamachi. Shopping, sightseeing and TOKYO SKYTREE are all nearby for efficient and carefree tourism. It takes about one hour to get to Haneda Airport. The fare is 900 yen. For a similar fee to that of public transport, you can travel smoothly and quickly without the need to transfer.

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ColumnStrolling in nearby Asakusa

Strolling in nearby Asakusa

Asakusa, a popular spot for tourists in Tokyo, is only one stops away from TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN on the Tobu Skytree Line, or 15 minutes on foot. Sensoji, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki Amusement Park are all within walking distance, perfect for memorable trips. You can also experience Kanto's entertainment culture at the nearby Asakusa Engei Hall, a starting point for many well-known celebrities. This area still has the flavor of good old downtown Japan, so by taking this in together with the ultra-modern TOKYO SKYTREE, you can see both sides of Tokyo in a single day. You can also get advice on sightseeing from the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center across from Kaminarimon.

This article was published in October 2012.The contents of the article are correct as of the time of publication.



・TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN and Kinshicho Railway Station Adults: 920 yen

A ticket system is in use on buses from Haneda Airport. Please use the airport bus passenger counter or the vending machines at the bus stops.
When travelling to Haneda Airport, please put your money/ticket into the fare box.

Call "Keikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center"
Phone: 03-3743-0022 (9:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.)
English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean operators available.

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