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As a general rule, the copyrights for all content in the Keikyu Bus website belong to Keihin Kyuko Bus Co., Ltd. Keikyu Bus strictly prohibits the usage of information contained on the Keikyu Bus website outside of the range of personal use as specified in the Copyright Act (including reproducing, modifying, uploading, posting, delivering electronically, distributing, licensing, selling, and publishing) without obtaining prior consent of Keikyu Bus.


As long as you understand and comply with the following matters, links to the Keikyu Bus website are freely allowed, and there is no need to obtain prior consent from Keikyu Bus.

  1. The URL for links to the Keikyu Bus website must, as a general rule, be set to the top page (http://hnd-bus.com). Please refrain from linking to pages other than the top page.
  2. The Keikyu Bus website URL is subject to change without warning.
  3. The Keikyu Bus website does not allow links from the following types of website.
    1. Websites that defame, slander, or attack the reputation of Keikyu Bus or any other corporation, organization, or individual
    2. Websites that infringe or may possibly infringe upon the intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks, assets, and rights such as privacy of Keikyu Bus or any other corporations, organizations, or individuals
    3. Websites that interfere or may possibly interfere with the business activities of Keikyu Bus
    4. Websites attempting commercial transactions through the display of Keikyu Bus website content
    5. Websites that display the Keikyu Bus website within a frame
    6. Websites that contain content which infringes on regulations including the law, ordinances, and statutes or public morality
  4. Keikyu Bus bears no liability whatsoever regarding claims and reimbursements in connection with links. Furthermore, the content of websites linking to the Keikyu Bus website and websites linked to from the Keikyu Bus website belongs to the managers of those websites, and is not related to Keikyu Bus whatsoever.
  5. Text links are limited either to the URL (http://hnd-bus.com) or company name (Keihin Kyuko Bus Co., Ltd., or Keihin Kyuko Bus) only. However, if a banner is necessary, use the banner below.

Inclusion in different kinds of media

Contact Keikyu Bus in advance when including the Keikyu Bus website in any type of media (print media such as magazines, PR magazines, and pamphlets and electronic media such as CD-ROMs).

Proposals made via the Internet

Though Keikyu Bus receive proposals through the Keikyu Bus website related to business or transactions from corporations or organizations, because this website was not created for that purpose, Keikyu Bus asks that you refrain from making proposals via the Internet. Please be aware that if such a proposal is sent to Keikyu Bus, Keikyu Bus reserves the right to not consider or respond in any way to that proposal, and Keikyu Bus shall not be liable for confidentiality or compensation whatsoever.


Any and all conduct with the purpose of, through the usage of the Keikyu Bus website, damaging the reputation or name of Keikyu Bus or any other corporations, organizations, or individuals or causing damages or detriment to Keikyu Bus or any other corporations, organizations, or individuals is prohibited, as is any similar conduct as well.


  1. Though Keikyu Bus edits the contents of the Keikyu Bus website in order to provide the most up to date and accurate information, it does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information therein. Keikyu Bus website. Furthermore, Keikyu Bus, Keikyu Bus affiliated companies, and cooperating transportation companies are not liable whatsoever for any direct/indirect damages suffered by the user or a third party originating in the usage of this website.
  2. Keikyu Bus may alter the Keikyu Bus website contents or temporarily suspend or permanently discontinue service of the website without warning
  3. Regarding safety when using the Keikyu Bus website, though Keikyu Bus exerts the utmost effort in management and operation, it does not make any guarantees whatsoever. (Error occurrence, malfunctioning of any function, invasion by a computer virus or any other type of harmful agent, etc.)

About collection of personal data

We will be careful with regard to protection of personal information. See Privacy Policy for details.

About compliance with laws and regulations

If a dispute arises in relation to use of this site, the dispute shall be resolved in compliance with domestic laws by the Tokyo District Court of first instance as the exclusive jurisdiction.