Privacy Policy

In order to meet the social requirement of personal information protection, we the Keikyu Group observe applicable laws and regulations; and to make clear our commitment to personal information protection, we maintain a strict privacy policy as follows.

1. About acquiring and using personal information

When acquiring personal information, we will clarify the purpose and use the information only according to its purpose. Although we will not generally use the information beyond its intended purpose, if we do so, we will acquire individual consent except in cases permitted by laws or regulations.

2. About providing personal data to third parties

When we use personal data for subcontracting or for sharing with third parties, we will not provide personal data to third parties without individual consent except in cases permitted by laws or regulations.

3. About managing personal data

We always strive to maintain security by taking measures against illegal access to personal data, loss of personal data, and risk of personal data leakage.

When we consign the management operation related to personal data to an external contractor, we will strive to prevent personal data leakage by selecting a reliable external contractor that deals with personal information appropriately and making a confidentiality agreement with said contractor.

4. About disclosure, correction, and discontinuing use of personal data

When we receive a request to disclose, correct, or discontinue use of an individual's personal data, we will confirm that person's identity and follow the prescribed procedure.

5. About our commitment to protection of personal data

Based on this privacy policy, we will arrange for personal information to be handled appropriately, and strive for continual improvement in its secure management.